Welcome to my web-site, sir.
   Thank you that have visited a happy man. I wish that time you spend here brought you not only good mood and useful information, but also help you to find you own way to this happiness.
   The generators of my life are:
   • author and creator of this web-site – son Nazar Bartosik – physicist, young scientist, student of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.
   • separate artistic branch – daughter Anna Bartosik, young artist, student of college Kyiv Children Academy of Arts.
   • my creative work is represented to your judgement.
   • soul keeper, mother for someone, wife for another one - Ganna Bartosik from family of Salo Nastja and Oleksij. *I thank to God for his condescending combination of important components in my life:
   - not imagining of myself out of art;
   - abilities, skills, and education given to me;
   - opportunity to live and develop through a pleasant and liberal work;
   - existence of an environment which requires something nice, especially result of my work.
   *Invaluable role of mediator is played by designers and architects. They take the fantasies and possibilities to the common denominator. In different time the cooperation with such people as: overintelligent Igor Pysarets, impulsive Olena Rastorgujeva, demanding Andrij Braghnikov, mental Svitlana Kobzjeva, expressive Petro Skytovych, professional Andrij Samofalov and others was bright for me.
   It is nowadays, but it started so...

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