Among the Scythian burial mounds on the banks between rivers Benderka and Girskyj tikych flowing into the Pivdennyj Bug, buried in gardens there is a village Polkivnyche (now joined to the Ivanjky), Mankivs’kyj rajon, Charkas’ka district. Once upon a time, snowy morning on Sunday, 13.02.1966 with such disgusting but at the same time, so pleasant for my mother, crying I was born.
   Parents Vasyl and Anna were ordinary people working on collective farm. Both were awarded for their hard work. My parents were for me a comfort, confidence in future. Father – unsurpassed carpenter, a model of professionalism and humaneness. My mother – a model of self-sacrifice, cleanliness, mother and wife.
   Not quite discerning the world around us I have already felt the relationship and influence of my uncle Mykola Bartosik, professional painter and monumental artist in future.
   In 1982 I attended courses for designers led by Oleksij Blyznjuk in Gorodyshche - Cherkasy district.
   It was interesting to enter these courses. As I haven’t succeeded to enter Kyiv Art-Industrial College after eighth form I continued studying at ninth. It was an autumn. Once on the way to school I saw “foreigners” with sketchbooks – such open-air practices were quite popular at that time. One of that “foreigners” was standing in the yard and painting the architecture. Pupils surrounded him and boasted that there is also an artist in their school and showed me to him. That “foreigner” was Oleksij Blyznjuk, sincere ukrainian, cossack. I feel so sorry to his wife, Natalia Matvijivna.
   Mr. Oleksij agitated me to enter their courses for designers although the group has been already formed. For our repeating requests to school director to return me the documents for being able to study in other place there was a deny. So I went to courses without documents. In a while I received them.
   Having failed to enter a college in Kyiv and having worked for a year as a painter in collective farm, I went to “strange” city for me - Lviv. That was time when there was a clear separation in people’s minds of westerners ad easterners. My grandmother was even convinced that Lviv was under reign of Poland.
   Thanks to badge with a portrait of Shevchenko on my chest, which spotter a good-natured Vasevolod Trofymljuk who was working in selection committee at that time, I became a student of the Lviv College of Applied Arts by name of Trush.
   1984-86 years - serve in the armed forces.
   The citizens of Lviv are charming people. When I came to Lviv a bit early before the start of studying I had no place to sleep. But old front-door security woman sheltered me.
   Marija Leontijivna – a head of the curriculum department, who knows all the students by names. I wonder how external severity and internal warmth have mixed in her personality.
   The director B. G. Kotsaj, seemed to be just a DIRECTOR, but first of all a PERSON. He sometimes gave some little work so that it was easier for me to live.
   The love to citizens of Lviv transformed into wish for having a wife from Lviv what was successfully done.
   After finishing study by teachers: Ostap Luchyns’kyj, Ivan Pidkova, Roman Mys’ko, Oleg Lysjuk and others I have got a degree in speciality “creative treatment of metal” and in 1989 started to earn my life myself.
   From time to time I take part in art exhibitions.
   The topic of my creative works is mainly lyric, love, philosophy of existence.
   Theme of love is the most pleasant, understandable and bright for me. Love is powerful flash, which is one of main motive forces of humanity. And thanks to the light from this flash a man doesn’t lose in dark streets of life.
   Now, working among three elements: family, art and work, I’m trying to combine them and enjoy.
   I thank to God that I was able to feel the great charm of Lviv.

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