Kaleidoscope of works


Kaleidoscope-Visit card holder. ABLOY

Visit card holder for company "ABLOY"

Kaleidoscope-Visit card holders

Visit card holder

Kaleidoscope-Exposition of on exhibition "Building and Architecture", 2003

Exposition of on exhibition "Building and Architecture", 2003

Kaleidoscope-Bridge of love

"Bridge of love". Present to city

Kaleidoscope-Drafts of safe

Drafts of safe

Kaleidoscope-Finish of tower

Finish of tower

Kaleidoscope-Smithed decoration of a churche

Smithed decoration of a churche

   Human’s fantasy doesn’t have limits. Often comes up the necessity to create extraordinary material things. Due to development of informative technologies, soon existence of skilled artisans will be perceived as strangeness. So I remind that we have a material and technical base and our hands grow from correct place.

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